July 30, 2013

What Things One Shouldn’t Do To Ruin A Marriage?

In the marriage ceremony there are so many rituals that symbolizes the true Christian essence of Marriage, but were these symbolism followed in real life? The words till death do us part often becomes the substance of jokes when husbands gather for drinks. Infidelity and domestic economic abandonment are what mostly comprise marital abuses in this modern world of conveniences. Are marriages today only meaningful and sacred to the woman, the wife? What about the husband, what was in his mind and heart when he asked a woman to be his wife? Were the “give and take and don’t sleep while there’s an argument unresolved,” reminders of every pastor’s, priest’s or minister’s lecture during the marriage ceremony, forgotten or set aside? The fight for equality of gay marriages opposed and sanctioned against by religious views of what is morally and spiritually upright are being taken in by many, and they are steadfast in their fight. Why do morally and spiritually right marriages today, slowly disintegrate and becoming the boon to society, when the ones that society dubbed as wrong and sinful are being fought for.

A Facebook page shares quotes and sayings about marriages, relationships, individual values that is Godly and right in the eyes of God According to Bible verses. I visit this page every now and then for inspirations, especially in the days that I’m down. An article about marriage caught my eyes, so I read. The husband is the target of the reminders that the article shares, and the husband is warned against doing those if he wants to save his marriage and retain the wife’s trust and respect. In the other articles on that page that I read Marriages were emphasized as a mutual give and take scenario between two very in love persons. This one is giving warning to the husbands, I thought to myself how could the husbands know, they don’t read quotations in Facebook. The ones I know search for possible addition to their growing women friends list, and pics of sexy ladies that pose in their bikinis, only a few are exceptions, note, only a few. How then can husbands’ reform ways if what they are doing in marriage life are what the article firmly warn against?

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