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March 14, 2014

Do You Divorce Your Ex’s Friends Too?

It has been three months since my husband and I separated. Both of us screwed up. It’s true, we grew apart after having been together for 10 years. I don’t know if we could ever be friends again. We don’t have kids so at least, that is one less issue to worry about.

My problem now is that we have cultivated friendships with three other couples. The guys all work in real estate. They were his friends first as he is more of the social butterfly. I became good friends with the women much later on. They have been keeping in touch, asking me how I’m doing.

I don’t know how to respond to that. Obviously, they are his friends too and he continues to be in contact with them because of work. I will try to be as polite as I can. I sure will miss them. For now, I will see how far this friendship will go.

We Are Planning a House Party

My cousin’s parents are going away for the whole weekend so we are planning to have a house party over her house! We never done this for year because we’re so busy at school but now that we have the chance we are not going to just let this pass.

We are going to order pizza because we don’t have time to cook anymore and we bought some bottles of alcohol. We even set up some music equipment and bought an excellent excellent yamaha hs10w powered sub from guitar center. We are very excited! We made an event on Facebook and a lot of people from school and common friends said they’re coming. I am sure that this is going to be a blast!

March 7, 2014

Oil-free Ham and Cheese Bread Rolls

Now that the holidays are over, you probably have tons of leftover food in the fridge. If, like me, you have received a number of holiday hams during Christmas, then here’s a fun and easy way to serve it as a snack or breakfast for the kids.

You will need a loaf of bread, some cheese, and ham (you can add dressing such as mayo or butter but just these three ingredients will suffice). So first, flatten a slice of bread with a dough roller or a thick glass with no design. Then, add a slice or two of cheese at the leftmost area of the flattened bread, and put some ham on top of the cheese. Roll it up tightly and put it in the oven toaster—this way, you don’t have to use any cooking oil. You can place five rolls per batch in a regular sized oven toaster.

Voila! Your own oil-free ham and cheese rolls! Easy, right?

A piece of jewelry to assist a friend

My friend Joe recently fell for a girl that he get to know in his work, recently their relationship met some serious advances and he wants to surprise her with a gift, he was never a man to give chocolates or flowers because he finds that very cliché and he has a very specific taste.

I wanted to help him, so I recommended to him jewelry of the brand MIKIMOTO, the design of the pieces is outstanding, it’s not that very expensive and it’s something that suits his taste and also his wallet, he appreciated the suggestion and went to buy as soon as possible, the feedback was very positive from him.

February 25, 2014

Pigging Out Without Worries

The poor cannot afford to be sick. Therefore, they should be careful with what they eat. If they are not, they will have problems with their medical bills; therefore, they cannot prolong their lives. The rich can eat anything, enjoy all the fatty, oily, rich in cholesterol food without worrying about illnesses for they all have the resources to prolong their lives. I envy them.

There’s this famous actress who is a voracious eater. She can eat five cups of rice in one sitting, eat a lot of junk foods, eat a lot of meat; but will never experienced getting seriously sick. Why? She takes in a lot of vitamins and maintenance medicines to avoid diseases related to her unhealthy lifestyle. After eating, she drinks all these medicines that she can absolutely afford. She also has diet pills that help her lose everything that helps her lose weight.

It pays to be rich. You can enjoy life to the fullest as you can buy anything that will give you comfort in life. You can even afford anything that extends your life!

The Greatest Player of All

I consider my father as one of the greatest music player to have ever influence my life. He plays the dean vendetta at wwbw like his whole life depends on it. He can also play different kinds of musical instrument that I can think of. I can listen to him the whole day.

I remember one day while he was doing his accounting work, he suddenly stood up and said that that his bored and asked me to go with him to his friend’s music studio. When we got there, he started playing the organ. He was making such a good music that I never want him to stop. But his forte is playing the guitar so right after one song playing organ he switched to a guitar and started playing my favorite song. We stayed there the whole day.

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