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October 9, 2015

Parenting Is A Skill

Parenting is a skill, not instinct. Don’t let those nature specials on television fool you. Though the drive to parent is instinct, the actual skills of parenting are something which must be taught. If you pay close attention to nature specials, you’ll see that animals learn from one another. I once saw a special where an experienced male eagle took it upon himself to teach his very young mate for the winter how to build a nest.

If parenting were all instinct, why would the older eagle have to teach the young eagle how to build a nest? It is not. The same goes for humans. So don’t feel bad if some days you feel like you’ll never get the hang of this parenting thing. Just ask for help from other parents, and always be willing to learn something new.

September 9, 2015

Children Are A Blessing

When my friends began having children, I was happy for them. Having children has calmed down even the most party-addicted of my friends. Their babies became their world, and I always smiled to see how happy they were with their children, and how caring they became towards someone who was outside of themselves.

Children are a blessing, and when the time comes to have children of my own, I want to be as unselfish and giving as my friends are. I would never have guessed that so much love lay within my friends, but my friends surprised me in the best way. My friends show me that there is more to life than partying and finding a hook-up. Children have settled my friends, and one day I hope to be as settled and happy as they are.

Protecting The Ear All Day

If you love music as much as we do, you want to be around it all day. It is relaxing, provides you energy when required, and gives you a trip down memory lane. Music is really a part of the everyday life. The only problem when you are in the music industry or at least a band is being exposed to the loud sound every time.

There is a good effect on your heart and soul, but it can be bad for your hearing. Humans have a threshold when it comes to the decibels and the alpine hearing protection can help you maintain that threshold. Aside from ensuring that your hearing is protected when a band is playing, you can also use it when riding a motorcycle or if your husband snores heavily at night. With it, music will never be a threat.

August 5, 2015

Horoscope, Tarot and Reality Are You Game?

There are times when we see the welcoming signs of “Let us tell your future, come and you’ll be amazed.” Or “Want to know what your sign and the stars have in store for you?” we are tempted. Who doesn’t want their future foretold? Each one of us has some fear for the things to come. We are apprehensive in a way of what the future have in store for us. Are they bad or good? In the internet you can see ads for horoscope sites welcoming you to log in to their site and know what you will be facing today. Love, career and money matters can be predicted with just one click on the installed widget buttons at the sites.

You were tempted to go and see what they are piping about in their ads. When the button was clicked it leads to the site. There connect email address, fill in some information and voila an email will be sent to the email address entered upon signing in. Every day reminders to look up horoscope for love, career and money for that day or for the whole month will be sent to the email address. Consistently a daily email and good for the recipient because most often that is the only email their email account receives. And that’s good for me; at least I have a new email every day. I was tempted to know mine too you know.

July 7, 2015

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Boyfriends and girlfriends are a touch subject among my friends, because so many of us have dated each other. It used to be amusing to draw diagrams detailing who dated whom in our little group, who broke up with whom, who used to sleep with whom. After a while, it became a little gross and incestuous. It also became a little sad to realize that the only people we were interacting with was each other.

As a group, we expected to expand our horizons a lot further than we actually did in our adult lives. Several of us have taken steps to only date outside the group. Others have taken it further by declaring they will only find lovers outside of our town. A brave few have decided they will move away. I envy them the most.

June 2, 2015

Where is Your Cell Phone?

The cell phone has become so common today. There are different types of cell phones in the market. The first cell phones that came into the market were larger in size and had fewer features. With the introduction of the smart phones, life became easier to text, email and buy online. The today cell phone is a minicomputer and newer ones introduced into the market everyday.

Addiction to the cell phone has been documented among other medical conditions. The cell phone allows one to chat with more than one person at a time making it easier to keep in touch. With the internet-enabled cell phone, one can look up direction from Google maps; find out about the weather in the location that you are visiting. One can leave a message for you when not reachable.

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