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January 29, 2016

Life of a Pisces

I’ve always been captivated by astrology as a kid and when I read up about the traits of Pisces, I found so weird how close the description was. I was always sensitive and daydreamed a lot, constantly losing focus of all that was around me. The older I get the more of my traits I see. I have accepted that I can be a heavy duty escapist and tend to run from problems than face them. I can be such a ball of emotion and sometimes it’s frustrating. I love meeting Pisces people thinking that they can understand the complexity of it all masonic rings from Joy Jewelers. I used to hate the fact that I am the last sign of the zodiac. I mean, I was emotional, very sensitive, a big procrastinator, and always looking for some love, too. But then long story short, now I know myself completely, I become aware of my positive traits and the negatives.

January 2, 2016

Long distance relationships were they successful?

Long ago lovers, husbands and wives and family members when far from each other communicate through letters. When travel across seas and vast oceans were discovered on board ships. Letters then were sent through the care of the ships’ Captains or through friends and acquaintances that will be travelling to the destination place of the letter. Then the telegraph came. Although letters still are what conveys the sentiments and longings of lovers and partners. Even members of the family write each other letters. This time it’s faster via airmail that’s in the advent of airplanes. Long distances separate them yet they were able to convey their feelings of love, longing and tenderness. Yet they were very successful.

Today in the world of internet driven technology long distance relationships also becomes countless. Husbands and wives separated by seas and vast oceans because of the necessity to earn a living. Either the husband goes away to work or it is the wife who does that. They can talk to each other anytime they want on the phone or in the computer. They could send messages almost every minute and each will receive it immediately. They can even talk face to face and see each other like real. Yet success with long distance relationships nowadays is rare. Quite a number of long distance relationships today don’t prosper. Mostly they romance died down between partners and eventually they separate. Is this because of the long distance that separates them or because of the gap in their communication? Is it possible today?

December 15, 2015

Presenting Acoustic Songs with a Great Guitar

Every day I find time to watch tv. On Sundays, I often watch my favorite noontime show ASAP. It’s a local variety show in Philippine television. I get to watch my favorite stars and how they sing and dance so well. The show also includes playing musical instruments while singing. What I can’t forget is how they played the seagull s6 at Sey-Mour Duncan. They sing acoustic songs and it’s done so well.

This particular segment just goes on and on. In fact, I see the same stars playing the same musical instrument every Sunday but with a different song. Remember I’m an avid fan. So I thought it may be worthwhile to practice what they know. Yes, I play the guitar but not as much as these celebrities do. Certainly, they are a pro.

December 12, 2015

The bad habit of snoring or is it?

Snoring can be a bad omen or a good sign of health. People snore when they are tired or when they have the sleep disordered breathing. Obstructed sleep apnea and age can be two factors that make people snore too. Not just physical problems but also social stress is associated with snoring. Snoring can be a factor to some marriage breakup. Loud snoring can be debilitating to a roommate or to a partner. They can be greatly disturbed by the snoring of the partner that they cannot sleep.

Overweight and snoring make you a likely candidate for type 2 diabetes. You can remedy this by losing your excessive weight and doing some exercises. Colds can cause nasal congestion and can also cause snoring. This can be relieved by taking decongestants in the form of herbal preparations, drugs or steam inhalations. Sleeping position can make people snore when their airways were blocked with the position of their head. Side sleeping position can help alleviate severe snoring. This could remove the pressure to the throat and air passage to enable easy passage of air thus reduce vibration of relax throat muscle and larger than usual uvula. Drinking too much alcohol can cause severe snoring too. Don’t drink too much alcohol before you go to sleep to avoid you snoring in bed. There are so many myths about snoring but partners that are very understanding and have nothing against their partner will sleep soundly lulled by their loved ones snores.

November 10, 2015

Bad breaths are sometimes caused by dieting

Teenagers are so conscious of bad breathe they each used half as much mouthwash as the two of as adult combined. Every time they go out they always make a habit of brushing their teeth to make sure no unwanted odors linger in their mouth. They avoid foods that they know from reading articles in magazines and in the net can give bad breath. So curios and conscious they were they’ve read plenty about the myths and facts about bad breath from the realistic to the hilarious. In fact they’ve read that dieting can cause bad breath.

Saliva cleans the natural bacteria and the bacteria that food left in our mouth. The more we produce saliva the more clean our mouths become. As we chew food our mouth produces more saliva and dieting make us chew less because we eat less. That’s the reason why dieting can slow down the production of saliva in our mouth. After they’ve read this from an article they look for ways to make their mouth continue chewing even they were dieting. They eat raisins and nuts instead of gums because they hate gums. The raisins and nuts they choose to chew contribute something to their nutrition.

October 9, 2015

Parenting Is A Skill

Parenting is a skill, not instinct. Don’t let those nature specials on television fool you. Though the drive to parent is instinct, the actual skills of parenting are something which must be taught. If you pay close attention to nature specials, you’ll see that animals learn from one another. I once saw a special where an experienced male eagle took it upon himself to teach his very young mate for the winter how to build a nest.

If parenting were all instinct, why would the older eagle have to teach the young eagle how to build a nest? It is not. The same goes for humans. So don’t feel bad if some days you feel like you’ll never get the hang of this parenting thing. Just ask for help from other parents, and always be willing to learn something new.

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